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Dental office SofiaDental Welcomes all of its current and future patients with their updated website !!! We hope to be of benefit with our News, which we will periodically post on the site. These will refer both to useful information about Oral Health and Prevention and to newsletters with Promotional Offers. Anyone interested in personal

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Medical Check

Month Of Prophylaxis

Each of our clients has requested an Hour of Teeth Cleaning and Calculus Removing via the registration form of the site, will receive the service with a 50% discount on the real value. Spring is approaching, so let’s meet that season with white and clean teeth. For more information, please visit our Blog or contact

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Let’s Say No To Pain

We suggest you to get informed with a new and quite revolutionary method for cleaning dental caries. The Brix 3000 enzyme gel is a material that is applied to the carious dentin and after several applications, helps to reach painlessly, without any burs and without unpleasant noise, to the healthy part of the tooth. This

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