Removing an old Amalgam Restorations

Removing an old Amalgam Restorations

It is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Over time, due to the presence of gaps between the obturation and the tooth, plaque and food are maintained leading to the development of caries. For this, in the check-ups, patients are motivated to replace similar old restorations, due to the risk of breaking a larger part of the tooth.
  • Esthetics. More and more patients look for changing their grey looking restorations with good looking Photopolymer ones. By this way teeth looks white and much more natural, even they are made with artificial material.
  • It is important to mention that if more than two metals are present in the mouth and Saliva as a conductor, a weak current charge may occur in the mouth. This phenomenon is known as Pathogalvanism.

In Example:

Metal Crown- Amalgam Restoration- Golden Crown and Saliva as an environment in the mouth of one patient, are enough for that phenomenon.
As a result could be observed the following symptoms, such as: dry mouth, taste disturbance and metallic taste. To prevent the pathogalanism, a similar ratio of oral restorations should be avoided

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