Dental Caries

Dental Caries

This is the most common and widespread dental disease that every person has ever faced. It is a softening of the tooth structure as a result of a long time interval of low (acidic) pH in certain areas around the teeth. Here is the role of bacteria !!! The reason is that after a meal, the food remains between teeth, which bacteria use for their metabolism. They in turn form a very thin film called Tooth Plaque that firmly attaches them to the tooth surface. Excessive bacterial waste results in the acidification of certain areas around the teeth. In such area, the mineral balance of the teeth begins to be disturbed, with predominantly the extraction of salts from the enamel and consequently the damage of its structure at a certain point (carious spot). Tooth decay progresses from enamel to dentin, which is more susceptible and soft, and begins to soften on a wider surface. Finally, the deepened dental area of ​​the soften dentine results in the breaking of the overlying enamel during the meal, and the patient has to visit his dentist to repair the defect.

Often, deep caries are accompanied by mild or moderate pain from cold, as well as irritation of the tooth of sweet and sour. Pain is provoked during meals and quickly disappears after discontinuation of food and fluids.

Initial caries, when judged to be necessary to remove part of the damaged tooth structure or to perform the so-called enameloplastic in order to prevent deeper and more pronounced tooth furrows on the chewing surface. This preventative manipulation is done in caries-predisposed patients in order to prevent the future development of caries on the easily damaged gum surfaces of the teeth. They are finished and filled with photopolymer.

Deep caries is when lost structures are in close proximity to the nerve of the tooth. Then the question arises whether the tooth could remain vital, the response of which gives the clinical symptoms and individual peculiarities, as well as the X-ray examination.

The treatment of dental caries is accomplished by removing the affected, softened and undermined tooth structures by means of a set of burs. The aim is to achieve a healthy tooth structure and subsequent photopolymer restoration.

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