Pulpitis and Periodontitis

Pulpitis and Periodontitis

Pulpitis and Periodontitis are common complications of untreated dental caries and are characterized by partial or complete inflammation of the nerve of the tooth. With partial serous pulpitis, there is hope of preserving the vitality of the tooth while for the remaining diagnoses treatment is reduced to analgesia, followed by mechanical and chemical removal of the dental tissue from the pulp chamber and the root canals.
In this way, the inflammation is removed, but through the final sealing of the canal system of the tooth with gutta-percha and paste prevents the possibility of a future infection.

This treatment approach is due to the fact that the dental nerve (pulp) cannot be regenerated after it is damaged, but leaving it in the closed tooth-channel system leads to inflammation accompanied by pain. In an untimely visit to a dentist at the time of a toothache, under the action of analgesics, the pain could be temporarily masked. The result in such situations which are rarely delayed, and after a seeming period of relief of symptoms, the patient briefly swells in the area of ​​the affected tooth. The condition is known as Dental abscess- localized purulent collection. When postponing a visit to a dentist, at this stage, the condition easily passes into Flegmon, infiltrating larger tissue areas with the inflammatory exudate. These conditions require urgent attention and timely therapeutic and antibiotic treatment. The treatment is achieved by draining the accumulated purulent collection through the dental channels and, in some cases, through a small incision (incision) in the affected area of ​​the lining, a projection of the dental roots.

These conditions are an important reason not to overlook the regular care of your teeth starting in early childhood as well as prophylactic examinations that can save extra pain, longer treatment of pulpitis than caries, the discomfort of long standing with open mouth, and last but not least, the much more expensive treatment of heavily broken teeth.

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