Gingivitis / Parodontitis

Gingivitis / Parodontitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums most commonly caused by the plaque, as well as those due to other factors (drugs, hormones, cardiovascular diseases, etc.). Inflammation of the gums is manifested by their redness, swelling and easy provocation of bleeding when touched or during brushing of the teeth. A large percentage of gingivitis is due to the much neglected or missing care of the gums and the purity of the teeth and the interdental spaces. The presence of large amounts of tartar which, through its rough surface, holds the plaque and bacteria around the gums that are being irritated. This leads to a protective response to the gum, the expression of which is the inflammation. After removing this pathogenic environment, the gums quickly restores its natural pale-pink color and contour on the tooth surfaces.

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