Therapeutic Dentistry

Therapeutic Dentistry

The regular prophylactic dental exams have a key relation to desired level of oral health. You have not to forget your check-ups 1-2 times in the year. Why is this so important? When visiting your dentist for observing your teeth, he could visualize some hidden caries or other defects, which we have not felt. This is so important because these zones could destruct and in many cases we even don’t realize their development. With check-ups we could protect our teeth from deeper destruction or loosing a tooth. Even when we haven’t problem teeth we have to remove dental plaque and tartar, providing clean and healthy gums.


Don’t forget that regular exams
2 times in the year are decreasing
Caries defects with approximal 50%.

Independently our age, every person needs of prophylactic exams and care, such as cleaning tooth calculus at least one time in the year.

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