Prosthesis (Removable)

  • Partial
  • Complete
  • Modeling

Removable dentures are precisely those structures that are made by a dental technician in the laboratory immediately after the loss of a greater number of teeth. They apply to Partial or Complete Tooth Failure, which defines both main groups of Removable Prostheses. They are the primary means of choice for defects unrecoverable with Bridges and Crowns.

  • They are called detachable because they are mobile, lie directly on the toothless jaw areas and can be removed from the mouth of the patient.
  • They are made of plastic or plastic and metal scaffolding (molded), to which are attached plastic or ceramic teeth that restore the missing ones.


  1. Examine and taking an impression from the prosthesis field. If necessary, a second impression is taken on another visit, on an individual spoon for greater accuracy.

    – Laboratory stage

  2. Determination of the height of the bite.

    – Laboratory stage

  3. Sample with ordered teeth.

    – Laboratory stage

  4. Giving the patient's prosthesis after corrections have been made to the longest edges of the prosthesis, as well as tracking the articulation between the teeth and their antagonists.

    – Instructions for using the prosthesis

  5. Prophylactic check with patient, to share his first impressions and look for possible wounds on prosthesis field.

    – If necessary, more visits are managed for the free adaptation and use of the prosthesis


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