Frontal Teeth

Esthetic Restoration of Frontal Teeth

  • It is necessary for teeth that have non-esthetic look and stains on the visual surfaces of the frontal teeth, which can be removed and replaced with high esthetic photopolymers.

These stains may be inherent as a result of disruption to the construction of the Enamel and / or the Dentine of the teeth. Antibiotic treatment performed during the second half of pregnancy (with Tetracycline preparations) as well as their use by children under the age of 8 would result in the appearance of brownish spots on the tooth enamel.

  • Overdose or Extremely low fluoride intake with infant foods, fluids, and tablets will also result deformations in the structure of the teeth with need of cosmetic recovery.
  • Poor photopolymeric restorations of teeth in the Smile area, which passes between 5th and 6th teeth.
  • Natural teeth with irregular and disturbing shape.
  • Teeth with broken edges and corners, while eating or griping objects.
  • Restoration of large distances between the teeth (Diastema between the central incisor teeth).
Frontal Teeth

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