Mouth Cavity Prophylaxis

Mouth Cavity Prophylaxis

Ensuring good oral hygiene is the basis for good oral health and the prevention of unwanted diseases of the oral mucosa and teeth. The most important activities with regard to teeth are related to their good cleaning immediately after meals and bedtime. By maintaining satisfactory oral hygiene, we achieve the following important points of reference, namely:

  • We significantly reduce the risk of caries and their complications.
  • We keep our teeth white, clean and smooth.
  • We help prevent bad breath.

Caring for teeth consists in cleaning them with brush and paste - in the morning and in the evening. The use of fumigant water is recommended during the day to help with the effect of brushing when it cannot be done during the day. It is absolutely essential to use dental floss between tooth spaces at least 2-3 times a week after pre-washing the teeth at night before bedtime. They help to clean up the difficult for access areas to which the toothbrush cannot reach. Protecting these hidden areas of the teeth protects the initial development of the caries in which zones they predominate. For the quality assimilation of the correct brushing of your teeth, questions regarding the hardness of the brush, the type of paste and the thread, as well as for more effective control we recommend preventive examinations twice a year.

By preventing dental diseases, we help to diagnose early defects in time and what is most important, with good individual hygiene we can prevent tooth decay at all. This approach considerably alleviates your needs of dental treatment.


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