Silanization of permanent teeth

Silanization of permanent teeth

Silanization is a protection method for the newly erupted permanent teeth from developing caries. This is a preventative method that does not require invasive dental treatment. It is used in children between 6 and 12 years of age. This is the time corresponding to the period of breakthrough of permanent teeth. It consists of polishing with a brush and paste on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, drying and applying a liquid material that fills the central groove of the teeth. The reason for paying particular attention to this area of ​​teeth, especially in early childhood, consists in the fact that immediately after the teeth eruption, enamel has a low degree of mineralization, which could cause developing a tooth decay.

Characteristic of the newly erupted teeth is that the relief of the chewing surfaces is quite pronounced and deep. There is the place where food stuck and caries process develops. Thus, with the help of silants, this denture area is protected and they secure it from caries, the treatment of which requires cutting of the tooth structure and subsequent filling with plastic material.

The silants provide excellent opportunities to protect teeth from caries lesions and its complications.


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